CSS Viking

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Costs: ?
Frequency: 2/week
Email: kevynbaker@hotmail.com
Type: Space Opera, Starship Crew
Last-Update: 2004Mar25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


"Space... the final frontier..."<What?!?!!? Thats already been used? Humpt! Well... of all the nerve.>

The year is 1287AN<After NEO-One<Neo-One was the name given to the first Space Station created by NEO-Quest, the company that first brought mankind from earth to the stars. That, of course, was years ago.>> You are a member of the crew aboard the CSS Viking, a CamronStar merchant vessel<CamronStar claims to be an offshoot company of NEO-Quest, <but then again so does half the corporate sector>> bound for a company mineing colony, Sanyo.

*I'll be takeing applications for all crew positions. Please include character stats<though I may edit them if they seem a little too unrealistic>, don't worry about job related skills either, but please include any that are key to your characters personality. I'm not running a specific game system and plan on being fairly flexable with the story line. I hope to have all crew positions filled and the game underway by mid april<though I may be able to start earlier with any early submiters>.



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