A Frontier Exploited

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Costs: no charge
Frequency: One post per week
Email: sam_hoobler@yahoo.com
Type: Post Apocalyptic/ Space
Last-Update: 2004Feb14
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


The planet Earth is inhabited only by evolved versions of our roaches and subterranian bacteria. The nuclear holocaust wiped out all the human-friendly resources available, and trillions of human lives were lost. The culprit, the UN non-conforming war as it came to be known, ended with the destruction of all UN facilities, thus eliminating what the survivors feared most:interplanetary jihad. Long before the destruction of Earth, humans had been scouting the galaxy for life. While no 'intelligent' life was ever found, there were planets which supported human occupance. There were countless migrations to all corners of the galaxy, and needless to say, by the time Earth was scorched, humans were in no threat of becoming extinct. The factions that arose were many, yet no attempt to unite these clans has proved feesible. Travel between planets is absurdly pricy, even for one so fortunate to own a ship capable of travelling through space.


This rpg involves no dice, and the 'rules' are few; no forced hits(i.e. "Ferkath clubbed Hal over the head, spattering his shoes with grey matter.") you can attack or otherwise clarify an action, but please don't force the other player to condone your attack or what have you.(i.e. "Ferkath lunged at Hal, swinging his club toward his head.")This gives Hal a chance to defend himself.Also, no immortal characters, please. It may be amusing to a few people, especially the person playing the character, but it gets boring fast. I'm asking that we keep this as 'realistic' as a fantasy sci-fi rpg can be.


If you want to play A Frontier Exploited, please e-mail me your character name and description, as well as a paragraph or more for background(the more descriptive and ORIGINAL, the better). Also, if you include your e-mail in the post, i can post back, and we'll go from there.


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