Astro City

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I have been tormented long enough... I must be a part of an Astro City SAS PBeM... and since searches for DMs are almost always fruitless, I've decided to set aside my doubts & step up to the plate myself. The game would be using Tri-Stat dX (or d20) rules, and although I'd prefer originals, canon characters would be okay- but only ones that we don't know very much about or who don't work with super-hero teams (anyone from Honor Guard, the Furst Family or someone like Jack-in-the-Box or the Steel-Jacketed Man would be off limits... whereas Goldenglove or Ironhorse would be fine). This game might not even happen if I don't get quality players (just fair warning, before the "real" game/story-arc starts I will do a "prelimary" series of posts, just to make sure the players I deemed apt will indeed add to the greatness of the game), but so long as I have at least 3 good players- the game will happen, and last- as long as their devotion does. Knowledge of the world is not necessary to play, but if you've read the comics, you'll appreciate more of the nuances I'm sure to throw into the background (or major stuff in the not-so-background). Knowledge of the system is not necessarily, as your character concept will determine whether you're in or not- and I'm more than willing to take the time to teach the system. As for the flavor of the concepts, Astro City is closer to 4-color than gritty 80s, so keep that in mind. Characters in the series have been robots, armored heroes, acrobats, mutants, aliens, (proxies of) gods, supernatural creatures and animated cartoons: so let your imagination be your guide.

E-mail for more info, clarity or to express your anger at my audacity to attempt to run a game in such a beautiful world...


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