King of Kings: Albion II

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Costs: Free
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: once per week
Email: [ok]
Type: Arthurian Britain scenario wargame
Last-Update: 2009Feb12
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, mixed, historical, wargame, economic, rpg


Dear player!

Because of the great success of our Albion I game (it was so full of players that we got an overhang in sign-ups) I now have the pleasure to invite you to the new Albion II scenario to start in as soon as at least 12 players are in.

KOK-Albion emulates the fight for dominance over the British Isles about a thousand years ago. Up to 14 players control territories of about of equal strength in a mixture of historical/mythical scene in Britain not too late behind the times of legendary King Arthur.

Place new Footmen, Bowmen, Horsemen, Castles and Ships on the 14 terrain types which produce the resources necessary for your survival and expansion to ultimate supremacy over (post-) Arthurian Britain.

The time is around the end of the first millenium. The dark ages are on the brim of lightening up. Still, legend is strong and every tribe has their own legend and prophecies about the future, about the king to rule all Britannia. For some tribes it may be Arthur himself, returning from Avalon. For some, it may be one of his successors, who by the will of the Gods, is unveiled as Arthur's true heir. For some, there may be no king but Ragnarök, putting an end to all romantic rumors of this legendary king.

Let your imagination form your own goals and legends!

King of Kings is a completely computer moderated play-by-email game, running as a free BPeM game since 1993. Each player is in control of a faction in this world, governing all decisions and leading it to either victory or defeat.

As a tribute to many myths and sagas gyrating around the legendary King Arthur, the King of Kings ALBION scenario has been adopted to allow medieval, fantasy and Arthurian myth fans all over the world to replay these legendary times.

IF YOU HAVE PLAYED KOK ALREADY: This is a very small scenario with fiefdoms only between 10 and 15 provinces each. There is an order limit of 20. That means it will be a fast-paced game that won't burden you with time constraints to your real life. Veterans should easily take 15 minutes to complete a turn, once per week, plus what you invest into diplomacy.

Scenario Infopage (visit to sign up or email

UNIX server of the game which executes all player orders and generates


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