Star Trek: Final Frontier Fleet

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Last-Update: 2003Jun11
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The year is 2389.

After returning to our native universe, having discovered and overcome a plot by the shadow group known only as Section 31, we return to a home that has vastly changed from from the one we knew. Starfleet and the Federation itself are now regarded as nothing better than intergalactic thugs by its neighbors, eager for expansion and annexation at any cost. Ruthless, vile and unconcerned with the well being of other cultures and species, the Federation ventures ever outward, claiming space whether held by friend or foe.

We are alone now. Typhon Sector and the crews of Deep Space Ten and the USS Amagosa are all that stands in the way of the Federation running amok and changing the face of Humanity even further in the face of adversity. Admiral Griffin Morgan commands the station and small fleet that opposes a vastly superior fighting force as we try and take back what is ours and undo the damage done in our name. We fight for allegiances and allies to join us in standing against the evil that the Federation now stands for.

We continue to fight. In an act of unparalleled treachery, the Federation has attacked the Klingon Empire, destroying the First City on the planet Quo'Nos, the Klingon homeworld. They have entered the Gamma Quadrant as well, annexing Dominion territory by force and have established a presence there to rival the fleet in the Alpha Quadrant. But they have become arrogant in their conquest. They assume no one will oppose them. They were wrong.

We will prevail. With newfound allies in the Dominion and the Cardassian Obsidian Order, we rally against the evil Federation and Starfleet that these once honorable institutions have become. We continue on in the name of that honor which once existed and with our hopes...that it will exist again.

Many positions available, on a ship or a station.

Join now!

Admiral Griffin Morgan, Game Master


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