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Costs: Minimum Cost is currently Aus$4 per turn.
Frequency: Frequency: one per two weeks
Type: Strategy - "diplomatic wargame" - historical
Last-Update: 2003May24
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, mixed, historical, wargame


There are wargames, there are diplomatic games, and there are games of civilization. And among these games there are obvious trade-offs. The wargame has the war already going, while the civilization game treats war as an abstraction. TribeVibes blends the best and essential features of these three genres.

In TribeVibes a player operates his tribe to the point of micro-management. You assign people to feed the tribe, make weapons, make tools, build, fish, scout the land and develop your various skills. You have warriors, who can fight and work, actives who can work and inactives who are essential for reproduction. And all of them eat. But where Tribe Net makes its greatest deviation from the run-of-the-mill civilization game is that the player determines what his Tribe is actually like. When you achieve a 10 in a given skill you may conduct research into something in that field that is unique to your Tribe. And what that is is largely up to you. For example, a new weapon, new buildings, war-dogs, ninja, gunpowder - you are limited only by the coincidence of your imagination and historical fact.

You are limited in your knowledge of terrain. You are limited in your knowledge of other tribes. The fog of war can be truly of Pea Soup proportions, despite being able to interact freely with the rest of the players through email. This is thus diplomacy in its purest form. The power that you can project can be real or illusory. The diplomatic traffic is intense, and the impact is great. Player interaction, involving players from all parts of the globe, is the hallmark of TribeVibes, yet new players are not exposed to the "excesses" of the longer term establishment.

Much of TribeVibes is human moderated - and is not mechanical in its play. With its long time span and need for thorough planning it has tremendous appeal for the player who wishes to immerse himself in a game.


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