Space Opera Legends

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Costs: Free!
Frequency: Daily for the most part
Email: [ok]
Type: Space Opera pbem RPG
Last-Update: 2003May21
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


Space Opera Legends is a play-by-email role playing game that will be heavily weighted toward character generation in the very beginning, then character development in the early going, and finally character refinement throughout the course of play. Your character will be the central focus of the game.

I'm using the rules published by Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) for the game. All players will be generating a Human character for reasons of equity, ease of creation, and the fact that all of us are humans as well.

Perhaps 95% of what is contained in the Space Opera rulebooks is being used for play. My own updates and modifications to the rules can be found in the files on the game site when the decision to join the game is made.

The game will originate in The Terran Sector of known space. The UFP has been very successful in the sector for more than two-and-a-half centuries now, but incursions are beginning to occur more frequently. The year is 2616 and the Bugs are starting to swarm once again, causing two major Space Marine campaigns in just the last few years alone. And the hostility of the Saurian Hisss'ist are becoming more and more bold in recent years.

Politically, there are grumblings from other space sectors, like the Azuriach Imperium, the Mercantile League, and the Galactic People's Republic. The UFP is having to maintain a delicate balance concerning trade issues and territorial disputes.

Economically, people are looking for a means of escape. A means by which they can gain a leg-up. Looking for that opportunity for wealth and a little more freedom somewhere on the latest colonial world settlement. Some make it and so many others die trying.

Here is where the player character's come in; amidst the interaction of all these forces, the need for a hearty band of spacefaring adventurers becomes a lucrative business. A team of undercover operatives to obliterate a Hisss'ist listening outpost, arbitrators to bring opposing Azuriach and GPR diplomats to neutral negotiating turf, or a band of trailblazers to stake out the latest claim for a new construction development on a hostile world environment.

The adventuring will consist of an exchange of emails between myself (the Game Moderator) and the group members. I will attempt to provide a scenario in order for you to provide a response using some innovative creative writing. I will try not to spoon feed information to you. The idea is for you to 'respond' with your own dialogue, not 'react' to the problem in question.

This game is involved with adult content. It is geared for the highly mature player. If the use of adult language in text format is offensive to you, then this game is not for you. This is a serious game for serious roleplaying gamers, and you will be expected to act accodingly.

Enough talk! I'll see you on the Indoc Bay with your gear. The GM (Game Moderator, Game Master, Gone Mad or whatever else!)


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