Austerlitz - The Rise of the Eagle

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Costs: averages $4.25 / turn
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: 2 weeks
Type: Historical Simulation
Last-Update: 2003May18
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, human, historical, gui, wargame, economic


Austerlitz PBEM, LLC presents the Computer Age version of Austerlitz: The Rise of the Eagle, the epic play-by-mail Napoleonic wargame developed by Quirxel Games and played in Europe. This version of Austerlitz is played solely by electronic mail and uses a special graphical user interface (GUI) for Microsoft Windows. The main feature of the Austerlitz PBEM GUI is the full color graphical map that combines all regional and political map information complete with terrain, population, ownership, resource and production site icons. The software also allows for the input of all orders and makes all calculations for the player. Finally, the GUI writes these orders to a file that is emailed to us. Our Austerlitz game engine uploads the file directly, thus avoiding any input errors. Austerlitz is a complex game (the rulebook is over 100 pages!); the GUI presents the visual information much more efficiently, and makes giving orders easier. This allows you to complete a turn more quickly than in the paper-based version, as well as allowing you to spend as much time as you like, examining the map's graphic details, plotting the movements of your troops, and coordinating your Empire to perfection.

Austerlitz: The Rise of the Eagle is an epic historical simulation of the Napoleonic Era that will challenge your skills in commerce, diplomacy, and military affairs. Players choose one of sixteen predominate countries of the period: Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Ottoman Empire, Russia, Italy, Kingdom of Naples, Austria-Hungary, France, Confederation of the Rhine, Prussia, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and the Duchy of Warsaw. Each country is unique in its blend of military strengths and weaknesses, population, resources and economy. To conquer Europe and the colonies, a player must master all aspects of a nation.


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