Azeri Fleet - Alpha and Beta Quadrants

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Costs: Free
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: once per week
Email: [ok]
Type: Adult (rated "R") Star Trek RPG
Last-Update: 2003Feb10
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


What makes a Star Trek PBeM RPG great? We believe that it's YOU.

Come ... join us as you mentally don your Starfleet uniform, wrapping yourself up in the mission based tapestry of a storyline that you help to weave into being, armed only with the creativity of your mind and a keyboard at your fingertips. Help us to explore new worlds, and revisit the old ones that Canon Trek and Azeri Fleet are known for.

You will be assigned without delay to an active ship where your mission will be to uphold all that Starfleet stands for, and become an integral part of the crew in a position that will leave you feeling fulfilled, enthusiastic, and prepared for more.

Veteran or not, help is always provided and you need not worry that your questions or concerns will go ignored, nor unanswered in a timely fashion. Azeri's goal is to make the experience as seamless and stress free as possible while allowing you the freedom to think for yourself and your character. It is the players who push the plots and it is they who are directly responsible for the shaping of the mission - a wonderful aspect of the sim if you are tired of scenarios that are so 'pre-scripted' that you feel confined with what other sims 'allow' you to write.

The writing is narrative style, third person and past tense, but if you're concerned about the Quality of posts? Don't be. Please, feel free to check the posting archives which can be viewed by the public on Yahoo Groups; the proof is in the pudding.

So immerse yourself in a mission based RPG that combines character development fluidly, and in a way that doesn't detract from the quality of writing that you are seeking in a PBeM game.

See you on deck!



Azeri Fleet GM


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