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Costs: Nothing!
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Frequency: Like you want!
Type: New free Axis&Allies PBEM platform available
Last-Update: 2003Jan25
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I want to introduce you to a project which maybe interesting for the whole A&A community:

Atti developed a free PBEM platform (not a club!) for various kinds of A&A and also clones are planned in the future! Gameplay is mostly automated whereever possible during PBEM.

Currently the platform offers a dicey and own map program available for the following set of games:

- The World at War (Yes!) - A&A classic - A&A Europe (original, historical and advanced historical!) - A&A Pacific

The map program (available in the download section of the site) is not in contradict to other developments as the stress lays on tactical maps and units in the style of the former WinMap program of GhoulLord. Convenience is provided to the players as income calculation of IPCs is done automatically throughout each module apart from other features. Is is also not dependent on DirectX, so maybe interesting for players facing problems with other products. Apart from that: Everyone can develop own maps without any knowledge of programming!

Even it is a German project most of the pages are also available in English language. :-)

As for myself: I'm just an enthusiast of what Atti has been achieved so far und enjoy using his products.

Do not hesitate to contact us at for further questions!

Best regards Joachim (a.k.a. Speer)


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