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URL: http://www.ramath-lehi.com/ [ dead link ]
Email: webmaster@ramath-lehi.com
Type: Fantasy, futuristic, play-by-post, free form, pendragons
Last-Update: 2002Sep08
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, space, rpg, abstract


Earth has been murdered, ravaged and drained of all life by the destructive plague-like race known as the rapine. Far from the fall of Earth, in a solar system all of their own, live the pendragons. The pendragons, claiming to be descendants of actual dragons, are a technologically advanced race, capable of space travel and using magic via their strong ties to their spirit world, Fronima.

After countless power struggles a strange sort of peace has settled over the lands of Ramath-lehi. That's not to say that there aren't problems. The government is decidedly corrupt, disputes are still held over land ownership, laws, games, food supplies, education, weapons, and religions, history has been rewritten so many times that no-one really knows what happened, it is not always clear skies and smooth sailing, and infinite secrets have been buried far away from prying eyes.

Looking for active roleplayers (and we don't mind the odd lurker!). Ramath-lehi is a play-by-post roleplaying game situated on an ad FREE message board. Ramath-lehi is wedged tightly between two genres, futuristic and fantasy. Futuristic because it takes place after the "destruction" of what we know of as Earth and on a completely different planet as well. The pendragons having carefully documented the rise and fall of our once populated world. The fantasy element the ties in is present in the form of magic which draws itself from what the pendragons know as the spirit world or as it is more formally known, Fronima.


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