Supernova: Rise of the Empire

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Costs: $6/turn email, $8/turn postal
Frequency: once every two weeks
Email: [ok]
Type: Epic strategic-scale space power game
Last-Update: 2002Sep05
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, computer, space, gui, wargame, economic


SUPERNOVA is a massive game of space exploration, colonization, trade, diplomacy and galactic conquest. Players from all over the world compete in a single galaxy packed with incredible detail.

As Emperor of your fledgling species just reaching out to touch the stars, you will construct mighty warfleets, colonize entire worlds, and explore the galaxy in search of the unknown. Encounter rock- throwing primitives...and Elder races. We provide a playing environment of awesome depth, diversity and flexibility, with a complete space fantasy environment featuring detailed planets, diverse lifeforms and numerous unknown elements that wait to be discovered. You'll find worlds covered in bubbling pits of molten lava, frigid ice fields, barren rocks or steamy swamps.

A very small sampling of what you can expect includes: Supernovae - Black Holes - Cepheid Variables - X-Ray Binaries - Pulsars Orbital Bombardment - Gauss Guns - Plasma Torpedoes - Siege Lasers Spinal Rail Guns - Needlers - fantastically detailed ship design Ion Storms - Temporal Rifts - Plasma Clouds - Solar Flares - Unstable Space - Iron - Timber - Petrochemicals - Gaseous Elements - Gemstones Design your lifeform as if you had controlled its evolution, Standing Orders - Hydrogen Clouds - Dark Nebulae - Dust Storms Weak Space - Living Wave Assault - NBC Strike - Recon in Force Aerial Bombardment - Warp Point Assaults - Legendary Characters Command unlimited #'s of ships and fleets - Nuclear Release, Ready Reserve - Counterattack - Delaying Action - Fortify - Close Combat Artillery - subterranean fighting - Heavy Armor - Imperial Tradition Mass Destruction Devices - thousands of high technology items to research - cool program to enter your orders - Crystal Forests Glaciers - Tundra - Deserts - Forested Swamps - Salt Flats - Jungles Diplomacy - Exploration - Industrialization - Colonization - Trade Minelayers - Tugs - Drone Cruisers - Carriers - Tankers - Privateers Battleships - Field Stabilizers - Meson Webs - Tachyon Grids Thermal Regulators - hammer other players back to the stone age

Rules and turn entry front-end program are FREE to download. Turns are $6.00 each by email, or $8.00 by regular post.

Rolling Thunder Games, Inc. web site: email:


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