Imperial Expansion

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Costs: Free
Frequency: one per week
Email: [ok]
Type: Space explore and conquest
Last-Update: 2002May30
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, computer, space, wargame


In the outer reaches of space alien societies have lived and prospered to this day without any interaction. But as these societies has risen new technology has been developed, including means of intergalactic travel. Through detailed studies of the universe in which they live, they have discovered other solar systems uninhabited and full of mineral deposits. What they have also discovered was that other socities besides themselves were also growing and able to reach the other solar systems. And thus the race for reaching the other solar systems and establishing themselves as the true leader of the galaxy began.

By exploring new solar systems, adding more ships to his fleets, colonising planets, and researching new technologies, each player guides his society to either victory or downfall.

The rules for this game are simple, and can therefore be played by novice as well as experienced players.

The game includes the following concepts:

A new map for each game. 6 different kinds of ships. 5 different kinds of equipment to add to your colonies. 20 technologies to research. Attack other players' ships as well as their colonies. Form alliances or declare war on the other players.

EMG runs a number of different strategic wargames and has completed over 600 games.


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