Rugby League Breakout

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Costs: averages 1 GB pound/turn
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: one per week
Type: sports
Last-Update: 2001Nov13
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, computer, modern, sports


Rugby League Breakout is a league simulation of rugby league which works entirely on the net. It's reasonably easy to pick up and play and allows you to run your own team in a league against other rugby league teams run by other players like yourself. Games are decided by your decisions as coach.

The game has been designed as an internet game for Rugby League fans, not a Rugby League game for fans of internet games.

It's not a computer game or a play-by-mail game adapted for play on the internet and it's not a promotional game designed to sell you something else.

It's designed to give you the chance to play your own rugby league team in a league against other rugby league teams run by other players like yourself. The results of games are decided by comparing the two teams and the choices made by the coaches.

Compared to our award-winning play-by-mail games, we've concentrated on making the rules and reports shorter and simpler. We want this to be a game that you can pick and play quickly because this is what we think people want from an internet game.

Rather than build a simulation that tries to match what happens in real life we've come at this game from the opposite direction, looking for what's essential in a game about Rugby League and what we think the players in the game will want to do.

So in Rugby League Breakout we don't bother with the battles for possession and position. You get the ball a fixed number of times in fixed positions, and then you go head to head against your opponent to decide what you can achieve with that position.


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