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Costs: averages 1.80 GB pounds/turn
URL: http://www.pbmsports.com/empires.htm [ dead link ]
Frequency: one per two weeks
Email: danny@pbmsports.com
Type: Historical Wargame
Last-Update: 2001Nov13
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, www, computer, historical, wargame, economic, abstract


Empires is a game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest. It's designed to have the maximum of action with the minimum of fuss. There are currently three different versions with different maps and slightly different rules.

Medieval Empires plays on a map of Europe which is divided up into thirty small countries (with up to thirty players at the start - there will soon be many fewer).

European Empires plays on the same map, but has a few large countries (roughly those at the start of the Napoleonic Wars). We intend to develop this later into a Napoleonic Empires variant with a more complex battle routine to simulate Napoleonic battles and campaigns.

World Empires plays on a three-panel world map that includes almost any country of the twentieth century and adds air forces to the rules used in Medieval & European Empires, making it a little more challenging than the other two.

More variants are likely to follow. Medieval Empires is particularly well suited to "private" games (gather a group of players of your own, and we'll run the game for you) since it plays quite well with fewer than the full number of players (the routines for non-player countries are quite effective in this game, and the "dummy" players can be awkward opponents, especially at the start).


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