Gameplan Baseball

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Frequency: one per two weeks
Type: Sports Simulation
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: averages £2.50 (GBr) per turn
Last-Update: 2001Oct29
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, snail, computer, modern, sports


Gameplan Baseball is a simulation of Major League Baseball. You are the manager of a Major League ball-club, taking your team through a 162 game regular season. If you're good enough and qualify for the playoffs you continue and try to reach and win the World Series.

In Gameplan Baseball we try to make the game work the same way as in real life, with realistic decisions to be made about team management. The choices you make are the same as you'd have to make in real life. Sometimes you'll have to make tough decisions, whether to sign better pitchers or hitters, or develop your stadium and income sources to improve your future finances.

In addition to the management decisions about signing and cutting players you've also got to shuffle your roster from game to game. You've injuries to contend with, as well as players losing form. You have to decide which pitchers will be in your starting rotation and which will operate from the "bullpen". You have to decide when to rest your star hitters, and who to use as pinch hitters and when to use them.

Gameplan Baseball is mainly a management game. The focus of the game is on longer-term roster building, though there is still a significant element of control over game-day decisions.


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