Supervolcano: Yellowstone Volcanic Apocalypse

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Underneath the beauty of Yellowstone National Park lies a monster: the world's largest and most dangerous supervolcano. For 640,000 years it has been dormant. Now, the Yellowstone Supervolcano is waking up and is about to unleash its terrifying power on an unprepared world. Humanity has never before witnessed a supervolcano's fury. Now, its about to!

It's 2022. The COVID-19 Pandemic has just ended but a new, far more deadly disaster, is on the way as signals in and around Yellowstone National Park indicate that the Yellowstone Caldera is waking up.

Featuring a large cast of characters, "Supervolcano: Yellowstone Volcanic Apocalypse" tells the story of what might happen if the Yellowstone Supervolcano were to erupt. The story revolves around a firefighter, his ex-wife and her new husband, the firefighter's granddaughter, his siblings and their families, his nine children, a young female geologist who is the firefighter's new girlfriend, geologists with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Yellowstone National Park Service ranger, the U.S. Government, state governments, a NASA engineer who proposes a way to stop the supervolcano from erupting, astronauts aboard the International Space Station, U.S. military personnel stationed abroad, and others in the United States and around the world face the a volcanic apocalypse that could devastate the world.

Join us! Here are the available positions:

1. The Firefighter 2. The Firefighter's Ex-Wife 3. The Ex-Wife's Husband 4. The Young Female Geologist 5. Children of the Firefighter A. Child #1 B. Child #2 C. Child #3 D. Child #4 E. Child #5 F. Child #7 G. Child #8 H. Child #9

6. The Firefighter's Granddaughter 7. USGS Employee 8. Yellowstone National Park Ranger 9. U.S. Government Character 10. State Government Character 11. NASA Engineer with a plan to stop the supervolcano from erupting 12. Astronaut aboard the International Space Station 13. Other Character 14. Criminal 15. U.S. Military Character stationed abroad

To join: Send your idea for a character and a character biography to A character sheet will be provided upon request.


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