USS Firebrand is Boldly Going Where We've Already Been!

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According to the Gavarian Exploration Agreement, "Colonies placed elsewhere within the corridor will revert to the power that placed them prior to Stardate 65122.62 (February 14, 2388) and the onset of the War, including those planted by the Federation." And the Federation wasted no time.

Il'Trian IV is the location of a Federation colony world that was abandoned prior to the war. The status of what the colonists left behind is unknown. Many are expecting that they will have to start from the beginning while others are hoping to simply clear the damages and rebuild. There may still be many questions in the minds of the colonists, but Starfleet isn't wasting any time reclaiming what was the Federation's.

With the Corridor reopened, the USS Firebrand-A has been tasked with re-establishing that colony. Loaded with supplies, equipment, and over one thousand Federation addition to a new senior and junior staff...the USS Firebrand-A is en route to re-establish the colony on Il'Trian IV. What could possibly go wrong?


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Greg Lindahl