World Alliances and Rivalries seeks player for UK!

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When Britons Rose at Heaven's Command.....

We remember their names: Winston Churchill. Benjamin Disraeli. Lord Palmerston. Clement Attlee. Margaret Thatcher. Tony Blair. Will your character be next?

Take up the reins of the United Kingdom as Prime Minister, and guide your nation through Brexit, Russian attacks, and more. Will Britain become an Island Fortress or will it move to the greater European community? The choice is yours, Prime Minister.

The fate of the nation is yours to decide. Join World Alliances and Rivalries today.

WAR is for players 16 and up - we're independent of any sim groups, and we play via two Google Groups (one for IC stuff, one for OOC stuff) plus a Discord server for OOC chatter and game-coordination. Come visit our website at for more information.


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Greg Lindahl