World Alliances and Rivalries has begun!

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Yes, you read that right! On September 2, at midnight US Eastern Time, a butterfly flapped its wings, and play began at 1201 AM, 9/2/17 (1 minute later). We'll be sending in an update to our posted ad next week, but we'll

Play has begun, but we're still actively seeking players.

Given our nature as a geopolitical sim where players play the head of government of a country in the world, it's easier to state what *is* taken in terms of countries rather than what *is not* taken and is open for players. So with that in mind, what countries are currently in play (with some notes as to the ones who've posted their first posts)?

The USA (Now with a new, non-Donald Trump, President after Trump's resignation) Israel (Now with a new Prime Minister and new governing party after snap elections) Russia The People's Republic of China Italy (Now with a new Prime Minister) Venezuela (Not, actually, playing the government *yet*, but playing rebels against it!)

Every other country you can think of is open for prospective players' consideration.

Curious? Intrigued? Just-plain-interested?

Take a look at our website at and feel free to ask the GMs questions via the How To Join page's form.


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Greg Lindahl