World Alliances and Rivalries seeks players for major countries!

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WAR seeks a Chancellor for the Federal Republic of Germany. Or a Prime Minister for the UK, or a Prime Minister of Japan.

What is WAR?

World Alliances and Rivalries works like this, pretty much: Pick a country on the map of the world (as of 9/2/17)! You play a head of government (President, PM, dictator, Caudillo, etc as applicable). We're looking for a few good leaders.

We are, this time around, especially looking for a player to take up Germany. With a lot happening in Europe in-game, we rather need someone to play the Chancellor. (Would not be Angela Merkel due to some IC stuff we'll explain one on one to anyone who asks.) For example, there's scheduled to be an EU vs Italy mediation at summit level (mediated by the President of the United States) at Camp David on some IC issues that have developed; That starts soon, so this is an excellent time for a player to come in and take up Germany.

As of today (July 11), we have 8 players fully in play, though some of our players are busy with summer stuff.

We play via two Google Groups (one for IC stuff, one for OOC stuff) plus a Discord server for OOC chatter and game-coordination.

Come by for more information, and feel free to reach out to me at my email address (linked on the base ad) for more information.


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Greg Lindahl