Deep Space Five - Where Darkness Meets Light

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Could you be the thin gold line?

DS5 needs a Chief of Operations and a Chief Engineer. Can you keep the lights on and the computers working when your 'ship' has a crew of over 100,000 souls? Can you keep the space on the outside and the air on the inside when your hull is measured in miles, not meters? If you think you can be the thin gold line between safety and disaster, where the darkness meets the light, we want you!

Deep Space Five is a celestial class starbase on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant close to the the galactic core, and the Beta quadrant, with a large and active civilian population. And we're always open to new characters, fleet, civilians, or representatives of other powers.

DS5 has seen temporal anomalies, Romulan attacks, terrorist invasion, Cardassian intrigue and now an interdimensional planet, loaded with doors through time and space has emerged right next to the station. The hope of sharing, or controlling, this wonderful resource has brought the best and the worst the alpha and beta quadrants have to offer to DS5, ready to claim their share of glory.

DS5 is a 15+ sim set in 2395 of the prime universe, where the destruction of Romulus never happened. We were awarded Theta Fleets Sim of the year for 2018 & 2019 and won an award for Great Star Trek in Ongoing Worlds Tournament of Sims, so you know we are just as passionate about Star Trek and simming as you are. Come and join us at:

Or say hello on Discord:


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Greg Lindahl