Bronze Fist 2: In Search of the Gods

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Introduction The year is 276BC, Megos Alexandros is long dead and his generals now fight over the spoils of his hard fought empire. The Diadochi as they were known has consumed Syria, Asia Minor, Aegyptus and Persia in war all seeking to become a great ruler to rival Alexandros himself. The great leaders such as Pyrrhus, Seleucus, Ptolemy and Lysimachus all fought to expand their influence and were full of jealous rivalry and greed. The Romans in Latium fight to control Italy the Greeks fight each other and other successor kingdoms in the east strive for independence.

As a player you enter the world as a ruler or one of these successor states or as a ruler of another Kingdom throughout the Mediterranean world.

What is Bronze Fist? Bronze Fist 2: In Search of the Gods is the second incarnation from Imperial Gaming; the first game saw a nation sim set after Alexander's conquests where players ran provinces or other nations in a quest for glory and domination. Bronze Fist 2 is set later that Bronze Fist and encompasses the great Hellenic period where the sons and grandsons of the great successor generals seek to further there nations glory. Players will step into this role as national leader and seek to become the strongest of the great lords, but players must be wary, for those who became too strong in these times were often envied and many a foul deed was committed to curtail any advancement.

There are currently two places remaining Epirus and Macedon...


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