USS ARES is riding horses with headless riders! Yes - we are WARPED!

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<b>Warped! We are Warped, or soon will be if it not already happened!</b> The ship, the crew... its happening right before our eyes.

No, its not a mirror universe visit but it is a bit WARPED!

Come see what is in store for the USS ARES! We need some new blood or pumpkins, ghosts and goblins to fill in some key positions was we get a bit twisted and warped.


or Contact me at xo [dot] ussares [at] Lt. Cmdr. Nickolas Blackwater, CO

<i>Chief Engineering Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Assistant Chief Science Officer

Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist


Head Nurse

Lounge Manager

Security Officer



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Greg Lindahl