The Scorpion's Gate-An Espionage/Sci-Fi RPG

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On November 24, 2013, there was a crucial diplomatic conference between Iran and the United States, Great Britain, France, China, and Russia. At that conference, the Iranian government promised to halt its nuclear program. Seventeen years later, the Iranian government may or may not have broken its promise.....

It is the near future. Reports are coming out that the Islamic Republic of Iran has just developed a new weapon capable of immense destruction: a weapon the Iranian government has codenamed "Judgment Day". Exactly what this new weapon may be is a mystery but the intelligence agencies of the United States and Israel believe it may be a weapon of mass destruction, possibly nuclear. Those suspicions are heightened by Iran's reactivation of its nuclear program and the disappearance of Russian nuclear technicians in western Iran.

But are the reports of this new Iranian weapon accurate? Or are they just an attempt at propaganda by the Iranian regime?

Responding to the reports of the new Iranian weapon and not having agents in Iran, the intelligence agencies of the United States and Israel put together a joint Israeli-American mission to investigate the reports of the new Iranian weapon. To accomplish this, a veteran CIA agent and the best operative of Israel's Mossad are given the job. Traveling undercover, the two enter Iran risking capture and imprisonment, or worse, to investigate the existence of this new weapon and, if it does exist, determine what kind of weapon it may be.

There, the American and Israeli operatives join with a brilliant and eccentric group of dissident Iranian students and Iranian nationals who are secretly pro-Western in a covert operation to find the truth of the new Iranian weapon. Meanwhile, the Iranian government is denying that it has reactivated its nuclear program or developed a new weapon. And a UN inspection team sent to Iran has not found any evidence of a nuclear program or the development of a new weapon. And the Iranian government has made it perfectly clear: IRAN HAS NOT DEVELOPED A NEW WEAPON!

But if that's the case, why has a serious of events both on Earth and in space occurred that suggest something is happening in Iran?

In an international powder keg, even unconfirmed suspicions could force a terrifying first strike, while the only hope for mankind rests with two people, an American and an Israeli, who are trapped in a hostile country they can't possibly escape.

Available Positions:

1. Israeli Mossad Agent 2. Director of the CIA 3. Deputy Director of the CIA 4. CIA Deputy Director of Operations 5. Female Israeli Mossad Operative 6. Prime Minister of Israel 7. Director of the Mossad 8. President of Iran 9. Foreign Minister of Iran 10. Interior Minister of Iran 11. Defense Minister of Iran 12. Iranian Army General in charge of the Iranian superweapon project 13. Iranian scientist working on the Iranian superweapon project 14. Iranian Army Officer 15. Iranian Air Force Officer 16. Dissident Iranian Student and Iranian National 17. Other Character To join: send a character bio to the GM at I'm looking to do this as a private one-on-one rpg over email.

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Disclaimer: This rpg is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and locations are either products of the authors' imaginations or are used ficticiously.


1. Post at least once a week. 2. Use paragraphs, punctuation, proper spelling, etc. 3. No Christian doomsday stuff. This is not a doomsday rpg. 4. No using another players' character without that player's permission 5. Disagreements must be settled civilly 6. No personal attacks 7. No racial, religious, or cultural slurs 8. Players may not use real people in this rpg unless its for historical reference 9. All decisions will be made by a vote of all the players


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