World of Azgarn

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Ad&d 1st edition campaign.

The inner kingdoms of Azgarn in the north where adventure is plentiful. Right now the shadow of war is hovering over the lands. The black cloaks (black kingdoms) seeks to enslave the lands, and its demented dictator Dezloz Rygoz has forged automaton shock troops with the forbidden arts of technology to purge all resistance. Not merely tin cans these troops are crafted out of necrotyr (living metal) and their bodies regenerate as a troll might.

The party is currently on a quest in the formidable bowels of the ruins of Draxcon, where there is personal history within...their parents, esteemed and legendary hero status adventurers in life were slain here by a mysterious villain calling himself 'The Engineer'. The dungeon itself was a proving grounds for the priesthood of Lor and contains traps and tricks designed to test the wisdom and mental fortitude of those who would glean its secrets and its hidden treasures which has proven the doom of many a would be thief.

Right now there is a druid and a barbarian. Need a thief, mage, cleric, and some fighters. A ranger would be ideal, or another barbarian type. Have a custom homebrew race called the dhampir (half human/vampire) if interested.


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Greg Lindahl