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USS Galileo NCC-80010-A

Join the crew of 'The Gal' in the year 2391. The USS Galileo-A is the latest Federation starship tasked to explore the secrets of the cosmos. A dedicated research vessel through and through, she measures only 180 meters in length and is dwarfed by larger ships of the line. She bears limited weapons, operational range, and crew amenities, yet is Starfleet's premier short-range survey vessel. She is not a ship of war nor a traditional multi-role heavy cruiser -- instead, her specialty is to perform in-depth exploration and analysis of nebulae, solar systems, and planetary bodies. She is an extension of the United Federation of Planets' core values which embody exploration, scientific knowledge, and peaceful first contact. Her small, standard operational crew is supplemented by civilian scientists and researchers who are the very best and brightest minds in the quadrant.

Galileo-A is affectionately known by her crew as 'The Gal' and is the first Nova-class Mark II starship to be commissioned by Starfleet. She replaces both the ageing Oberth-class and legacy Nova-class as the fleet's go-to instrument of mobile research and scientific investigation. What she lacks in sheer size and crew compliment is made up for by her versatility -- she is one of only two Federation starship classes capable of sustained atmospheric operations and planetary landing, and her small size and specialized Waverider-class atmospheric shuttle allow her to explore locations that larger starships are incapable of. Boasting the most advanced sensor arrays of any starship class, Galileo is a pure instrument of science that is dedicated to the discovery of new stellar phenomena, exoplanets, and life forms

Currently Recruiting:

Chief Operations Officer Chief Engineering Officer Asst Engineering Officer Asst Flight Control Officer And many More'


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