Fatherland II (updated)

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In the year 2030, in a world in which the Nazis won World War II, American OSS operative Matt Casey and a genetically-engineered German woman who escaped from a German genetics lab with twelve other genetically-engineered children and is searching for others of her kind battle the Nazis and keep the hope of freedom alive in a dark world. They are aided in their fight by their fellow OSS agents, the brave resistance groups in Occupied Europe, the German Widerstand Resistance movement, and Nazi defectors. This is their story.....

Available Positions:

1. The Genetically-Engineered German Woman

United States:

1. OSS Director 2. OSS Deputy Director 3. OSS Director of Operations 4. OSS Operative 5. Nazi Defector

Germany/Occupied Europe:

1. The Fuhrer 2. Nazi Official 3. Abwehr Operative 4. SS Agent 5. Gestapo Agent 6. Resistance Fighter in Occupied Europe 7. German Widerstand Resistance Fighter 8. One Of The Other Escapees From The German Lab

To join: send a character bio to the GM at johnmunch@q.com.


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