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It's 2006. Five years after 9/1l war rages in various parts of the world.

The United States is fighting the War on Terror. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue......

The war in Chechnya continues to rage as Russia continues battling the Chechen separatists.......

In the Middle East, war has broken out between Israel and the terrorist group Hezbollah.......

In South America, leftist regimes come to power in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil.......

In the United States, a charismatic young Senator from Nevada and a member of America's most powerful right-wing third party has just entered the spotlight, and his vision of change for America has made him a powerful figure in American politics....

China is engulfed in civil war.....

North Korean forces are ready to strike south in an invasion of South Korea....

And amidst these dramatic events, Earth is invaded by a reptilian alien race from the stars, who call themselves "The Race", which is determined to conquer the planet and enslave mankind.....

War breaks out between the human race and these aliens, and the fate of Earth hangs in the balance....

Based on the "Worldwar" series of Alternate History novels by Harry Turtledove but set in 2006 instead of during World War II, "Worldwar" is the story of that war, a war that humanity must win in order to survive.....

You can play as a civilian caught in the conflict, a resistance fighter behind enemy lines, a political leader, or a military character from the following nations:

1. United States-including its forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

2. Britain-including its forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

3. France, Germany, Italy, or any nation of Continental Europe

4. Russia

5. China

6. Japan

7. India

8. Israel

9. Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations

10. South Africa

11. Argentina

12. Brazil

13. Venezuela

14. Other South American nations

15. Australia

16. New Zealand

17. Non-national organizations

18. The Race

To join: send a character bio to the GM at

The Race uses the following weapons:

1. Railguns-infantry weapons, armored weapons, mechanized weapons, naval weapons, aircraft weapons

2. Coilguns-small-arms weaponry such as pistols

3. Missiles-infantry weapons such as antitank missiles, mechanized weapons such as missiles mounted on Infantry Fighting Vehicles, naval weapons, anti-aircraft weapons, aircraft air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles

4. Torpedoes-naval weapons used on Race warships, submarines, and naval aircraft

5. Sonic weapons-Aircraft weapons used to destroy both air and ground targets

6. Light-gas gun-Race artillery

7. Scram cannon-Race artillery

8. Any other weapons writers wish to add

Here's the character sheet:


Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:







Distinguishing Features:

Place of Residence:


Educational Background:

Employment Background:

Law Enforcement Background:

Military Background:

Marital Status/Family:

Significant Other:

Car (kind of car your character drives):





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