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TribeNet has been running via email since 1997 and as a PBM before that, dating back to 1988. A new part of the TribeNet world has been opened up and I am looking for a couple of new players.

TribeNet is in the epic build campaign game genre with a generic setting in the European Medieval period. It appeals to gamers who like strategy games such as Civilisation, Dominion, Settlers of Catan etc.

While it is not a face to face game, there is a sense of community in so far as it enables people to forge friendships and connections with like-minded folk from all over the world. So if you cant get to a live event, or just would like a slow paced game bubbling along in the background, TribeNet could be for you.

If you are interested you can ask for the FAQS from me at:

Checkout the web:

Or search "Tribenet" through Facebook.

cheers peter


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Greg Lindahl