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Long ago, before the days of myth and legend, our world belonged to them. Now they want it back. . . .

In 2006, a fleet of mysterious ships has appeared in Earth's skies and an army of pale-skinned extraterrestrial giants with elongated skulls attack the planet. Mankind discovers that these extraterrestrials are the Annunaki, an advanced race of giants from the planet of Niburu orbiting the star Siruius in the constellation of Canis Major. The Annunaki colonized Earth in the distant past, intending to make it their new homeworld and the center of their interstellar empire. They encountered primitive humans, and from these early primitives created modern humans.

The Annunaki also conducted a terrifying global experiment in genetic engineering, creating horrifying creatures which they used as pets. During the Ice Ages, the Anunnaki ruled Earth and used humans as their slaves. The Annunaki king barred his people from mating with humans, but a few renegade Annunaki defied the king's order and mated with human women, producing Annukai-human hybrids called "Nephilim". Renegade Annunaki also mated with a species of prehistoric ape in China, creating the Enkidu, which devolved into a primitive race of creatures inhabiting the remote areas of the world.

The Annunaki taught mankind, hoping mankind would use the knowledge to serve them. But twenty-five thousand years ago, humanity rebelled and drove the Annunaki from the planet. A great cataclysm destroyed the newly-liberated humans of the time and devastated the planet. But humanity survived and forgot its origins.

The Annunaki and the fearsome creatures they created became the source of humanity's myths and legends. They were the sources of Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Aztec, Mayan, Polynesian, Celtic, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Aztec, Mayan, Australian Aboriginal myths and legends, and the myths and legends of other cultures.

When the Annunaki attack Earth and the planet, war breaks out between the Anunnaki and humanity as military forces battle the Anunnaki on land, on sea, and in the air, while human slaves and prisoners suffer in slavery and in prison camps, and resistance fighters battle the Annunaki behind enemy lines. Join the battle for Earth!

Available Positions:

1. United States Army 2. United States Navy 3. United States Air Force 4. United States Marine Corps 5. Royal Army of the United Kingdom 6. Royal Navy of the United Kingdom 7. Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom 8. French Army 9. French Navy 10. French Air Force 11. German Army 12. German Navy 13. German Air Force 14. Russian Army 15. Russian Navy 16. Russian Air Force 17. Indian Army 18. Indian Navy 16. Indian Air Force 17. People's Liberation Army of The People's Republic of China 18. People's Liberation Navy of The People's Republic of China 19. Chinese Air Force 20. Japanese Self-Defense Forces 21. Royal Australian Army 22. Royal Australian Navy 23. Royal Australian Air Force 24. Argentinian Army 25. Argentinian Navy 26. Argentinian Air Force 27. Brazilian Army 28. Brazilian Navy 29. Brazilian Air Force 30. Bolivian Army 31. Bolivian Air Force 32. Paraguayan Army 33. Paraguayan Air Force 34. Uraguayan Army 35. Uraguayan Navy 36. Uraguayan Air Force 37. Venezuelan Army 38. Venezuelan Navy 39. Venezuelan Air Force 40. Colombian Army 41. Colombian Navy 42. Colombian Air Force 43. Ecuadorean Army 44. Ecuadorian Navy 45. Ecuadorian Air Force 46. Peruvian Army 47. Peruvian Navy 48. South African Defense Forces 49. Egyptian Army 50. Egyptian Navy 51. Egyptian Air Force 52. Turkish Army 53. Turkish Navy 54. Turkish Air Force 55. Syrian Army 56. Syrian Navy 57. Syrian Air Force 58. Iraqi Army 59. Iraqi Navy 60. Iraqi Air Force 61. Kuwaiti Army 62. Kuwaiti Navy 63. Kuwaiti Air Force 64. Royal Saudi Army 65. Royal Saudi Air Force 66. Qatari Army 67. Qatari Navy 68. Qatari Air Force 69. Omani Army 70. Omani Navy 71. Omani Air Force 72. Bahraini Army 73. Bahraini Navy 74. Bahraini Air Force 75. Yemeni Army 76. Yemeni Navy 77. Yemeni Air Force 78. Royal Jordanian Army 79. Royal Jordanian Navy 80. Royal Jordanian Air Force 81. Israeli Defense Forces 82. Israeli Navy 83. Israeli Air Force 84. Egyptian Army 85. Egyptian Navy 86. Egyptian Air Force 87. Canadian Army 88. Canadian Navy 89. Canadian Air Force 90. Mexican Army 91. Mexican Navy 92. Mexican Air Force 93. President of the United States 94. Vice President of the United States 95. United States Secretary of State 96. United States Secretary of Defense 97. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 98. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 99. President of France 100. Chancellor of Germany 101. President of Russia 102. Prime Minister of India 103. President/General Secretary of the Communist Party of China 104. Emperor of Japan 105. Prime Minister of Japan 106. Prime Minister of Australia 107. President of Argentina 108. President of Brazil 109. President of Bolivia 110. President of Paraguay 111. President of Uraguay 112. President of Venezuela 113. President of Colombia 114. President of Ecuador 115. President of Ecuador 116. President of Peru 117. President of South Africa 118. President of Egypt 119. President of Turkey 120. President of Syria 121. President of Iraq 122. Emir of Kuwait 123. King/Member of Royal Family of Saudi Arabia 124. Emir of Qatar 125. Emir of Oman 126. Emir of Bahrain 127. President of Yemen 128. King of Jordan 129. Prime Minister of Israel 130. Prime Minister of Canada 131. President of Mexico 132. Resistance Fighter 133. Civilian 134. Annunaki King 135. Annunaki General 136. Annunaki Naval Officer 137. Annunaki Warrior 138. Anunnaki Pilot

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