The USS Oberon is now recruiting!

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The USS Oberon is now recruiting! There is no cost it is free. Frequency: 1 post per week The email with questions: URL: Type: Star Trek, TNG Era, Luna-class explorer Keywords: free, play by Nova, Star Trek, Pegasus Fleet, Luna-class explorer, TNG

Description The USS Oberon, commissioned in January 2395, is a Luna-class explorer designed to operate beyond the furthest reaches of Federation space. Her crew, the remaining survivors of The Disappearance, Starfleet's single greatest tragedy since the Dominion War, are hardened survivors of the tough frontiers of space. Now reunited, they boldly set out to explore strange new worlds and unravel the mystery of Star Base Deep Space Three's disappearance in a Quadrant rapidly disintegrating around them.

The USS Oberon is an 18+ Nova-based sim operating within Pegasus Fleet. It is currently accepting players for the following positions:

Chief Flight Control Officer Chief Medical Officer Chief of the Boat

If you're looking to write some outstanding action with an active crew and strong posting. Drop by and fill out an application the Captain and Crew looking forward to seeing you on The USS Oberon real soon.

Thank you for your time

Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu Commanding Officer USS Oberon


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Greg Lindahl