Shadow Investigations-Second Revision

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It is 2035. Shadow Investigations is a free-form role-playing game about the men and women that work at a world-renowned private investigations and freelance security firm located in Park City, Utah. It is owned by former actress Kate Knight and consists of over two-hundred operatives.

Shadow Investigations is famous for its successful solving of many difficult cases in the United States and worldwide and for its assisting law enforcement agencies in the US and worldwide including the FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Scotland Yard, and other law enforcement agencies.

Shadow Investigations specializes in private investigations, bounty hunting, personal security, corporate security, VIP security, witness protection, search and rescue, surveillance, undercover work, civil rights investigations, location of witnesses, victim's advocate work, locating witnesses, computer and Internet crimes, drug and narcotics investigations, and anti-terrorism. Shadow Investigations has a Self-Defense and Weapons Training Center located in Draper, Utah and an office located abroad. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, the office is called Shadow-Israel and is run by a former Israeli military officer.

Shadow Investigations consists of the following divisions: Private Investigations Division, Bail Enforcement Division, Personal Security Division, Corporate Security Division, VIP Security Division, Witness Protection Division, Search and Rescue Division, Surveillance Division, Undercover Division, Victims Rights Division, Repossession Division, Witness Location Division, Computer and Internet Crimes Division, Research Division, Drug and Narcotics Investigations Division, Anti-Terrorism Division

All divisions are supervised by the agency's Lead Investigator, and while their work is separate, it may sometimes overlap and operatives do work in more than one division. Here are the agency positions:

1. Private Investigator 2. Bail Enforcement Agent 3. Bodyguard 4. Corporate Security Guard 5. VIP Security Guard 6. Witness Protection Specialist 7. Surveillance Specialist 8. Undercover Operative 9. Victims Rights Advocate 10. Repossession Agent 11. Witness Location Specialist 12. Computer And Internet Crimes Specialist 13. Receptionist/Researcher 14. Drug and Narcotics Investigator 15. Anti-Terrorism Specialist 16. Self-Defense Instructor 17. Shadow-Israel Investigator To join, email the GM at Please submit a biography of your character using the following character sheet:


Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:







Distinguishing Features:

Place of Residence:


Educational Background:

Employment Background:

Law Enforcement Background:

Military Background:

Marital Status/Family:

Significant Other:

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