JMC Blue Dwarf

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<p> Originally the Red Dwarf's sister ship... She still is Red Dwarfs sister ship, but after many years of lovingly role-played stories, things have changed somewhat. There have been giant alien spider monsters plaguing the galaxy, the entire crews hallucinations coming to life, doctors attempting to take over the universe, murder mysteries, the original Captain going insane and attempting GELF genocide, the Queen of England being cloned (sort of)... the list goes on. </p> <p> The JMC turned out to be thoroughly corrupt, and after an accident, well, more of an explosion really, the wormhole drive was reduced to molten slag, stranding the `Dwarf on exactly the wrong side of the galaxy. To make matters worse, the explosion destroyed the main reactor and flooded the ship with Cadmium II radiation, forcing the crew into emergency stasis for quite some time. </p> <p> Out in deep space, 3,000,000 years later, the already war battered Blue Beast drifts, the remainder of crew for the most part getting along as best they can as they struggle to simply stay alive long enough to get back to Earth. Habitable to a degree, but rusty and in places downright dangerous, supplies are running low and day to day survival for the last humans left alive in the universe can at times be tough. </p> <p> This is a story-based roleplaying game based on the sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf.<br/> We've been running for just over fourteen years now, and have some great writers who would be more than happy to welcome you as a new member. </p> <p> <a href="">Join now and help us continue the story of the Blue Dwarf.</a> </p>       

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