Battle of Salamanca for Napoleonic Battles

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We are inviting players to take part in the epic Battle of Salamanca! Commanding troops within either the Earl of Wellington's Anglo-Portuguese army, or Marshal Marmont's field army, you'll be part of a team fighting to win in this play by mail/play by email wargame in a classic encounter battle of the Napoleonic Wars. The battle is going to be fought using Agema's Napoleonic Battles game system, of which well over 3,000 game turns have now been played. You can read about the basics of this game system on our website,

The game can be played by post or via email - whichever suits you best - and is a multi-player affair with these notable features:- * All units are represented by our unique top-down graphics with every man represented! * Players receive a map of the entire battlefield, and nine detailed maps of the different sectors of the battlefield. * Enemy units not yet located will remain hidden, as will your own to the enemy until they're seen.

How to take part - 1. You'll need a copy of our Napoleonic Battles rules. You can get them from the Agema website, 2. Send an email to saying `I would like to take part in the Battle of Salamanca. 3. If you don't already have an account with us, make a payment of £10 here to set it up: pay for turns. 4. That's all you need to do! We'll then send you the set-up maps and the special Salamanca supplement.


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Greg Lindahl