Star Trek : Freedom

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"The year is 2444, and the Federation has lost its way, having spent more than 20 years hiding from the unknown, ignoring its charter, several member worlds have left, the fleet is not what it once was and its a dark, unpredictable time. Over a third of the Federation has been lost but a new president, Stiave Atremi together with a Starfleet Admiral with a chequered past have vowed to return Starfleet to its original charter, to return to exploration, to not be afraid of change, to stand up for its beliefs and to turn back the night."

Welcome to the labour of love that is Star Trek: Freedom, an email game set in the 25th century. Since 1997, a group of dedicated people have played in our game, but now, we're attempting to reboot our game and take it into a new Star Trek era that has arrived. With the arrival of new TV shows, the opportunity to refresh our game, to add in new elements and to take on board new ideas, has arrived. We intend to have fun together as we explore this new universe.

Everyone is welcome, and you do not need to know how to write, how to spell or too much about Star Trek. If you like the idea of writing with other people, to develop your vision and your impressions of Star Trek, consider joining us today.

I hope you hear from you soon.

Anthony Keen, November 2019 Admiral Remae Ktell


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