Pre-1650 books in the Universal Digital Library

This page is obsolete!

Please see the new Union Catalog of pre-1600 Books.

This page is obsolete!

This is a list of pre-1650 books in the Universal Digital Library, Canadian Libraries, and American Libraries collections.

There are currently 1659 books on this sub-list. This page is large; please give it time to fully load. When you click on a book, you will be taken to a page where you can download it. These books are stored in "djvu" format, so you will need to download a djvu client to read them.

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This list is made by a not-very-smart program; if you spot a book which doesn't belong here, or know of a book that's missing, please suggest it to me, or email me at

The list is updated monthly.

Other large collections of books can be found on the SCA Books page.

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