SCA Juried Merchants List: Music & Dance

MacGregor Historic Games
Skene MS (c.1620, harp) transposed to modern notation
Boulder Early Music Shop
Early instruments and sheet music. Steve Hendricks publications, Avatar's (Al Cofrin) publications
Coog Instruments
Luthier specializing in early instruments: psalteries, rotes, salon guitars, symphonies
Orphic Airs
A Guild Luthier, specializing in ancient instruments.
Dance Books
Historical dance books
Busy Mole Music
Makers and suppliers of Early Musical Instruments, sheet music and CDs
Lyrichord Early Music
A record label specializing in early music
von Huene Workshop
Sells a variety of instruments and sheet music
Trouvere Medieval Minstrels
Medieval and Renaissance music CDs and booklets
The Early Music Shop (of England)
Sells a wide selection of instruments, kits, and used instruments
Fettered Cock Pewters
We carry both traditional dance music and modern Celtic inspired music.
Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments
Sells many kinds of instruments, kits, sheet music, and recordings
Avatar's Early Music Books
Renaissance dance music collections for musician consorts and Medieval Songs and dances collection
Waits Music
CD Title for Sale: "Silence Is Deadly" by The Waits of Southwark Renaissance Band. English country dance, courtly dance and Celtic music from the Renaissance Period (16th-17th century). Dance music for recorders, mandolins, sackbutt and percussion. Payment by check mailed to address: $15. Postage prepaid.
The Medieval Lyric
Teaching materials for 11th-14 century vocal music, ranging from scholarly tomes to CDs with example performances. Most of the music is solo: Trobadour, Trouvere, Machaut, Cantigas de Santa Maria.
Gaïta Medieval Music
Medieval music books, CDs, and instruments. Dance book and CD.
Patricia of Leicester
Renaissance Dance Instruction booklets & CDs, i.e., Inns of Court Dances Reconstructed by Madrona Dance Guild, CD/Tapes by Jouissance
George Stevens, Luthier
Handcrafted Lutes, Harps, etc.

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