SCA Juried Merchants List: Archery

Pacific Yew Longbows
Maker of traditional yew longbows
New World Arbalest
Crossbows and crossbow parts
Surefoot-Fellwalker Boltwrights
Medieval and Renaissance style crossbows for SCA combat
Tammy Jo's Archery supplies
Flemish-Twist bowstrings for recurves and longbows
Allen Pitts
Period and SCA crossbows
Bows by Kassai
Bows: Reproduction of Mongol and Magyar horse bows. Sweet shooting and beautifull.
Woodland Archery
English Longbows, Welch Short Bows [The rest of the site doesn't pass the Jury test. -- Greg]
Adams Archery
Master Bowyer for over 40 years producing handcrafted Traditional English Long Bows with horn nocks, leather skived handles fom Yew Wood harvested by my family from the Oregon Cascades

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Disclaimer: Do not mistake this list for an official statement by or publication of the SCA, Inc. It is the personal opinion of Gregory Blount (Greg Lindahl.) I have not verified any claim made by any merchant. However, I would like to hear if you had a bad experience with any merchant on the list, or you feel that a merchant on the list doesn't live up to the list criteria.

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