From an article originally published in Tournaments Illuminated #107, Summer 1993; last updated October 19, 2003.

Etcetera - West Kingdom Principalities

The Mists, Cynagua, and Oertha

by Mistress Jessa d'Avondale

By West Kingdom law, the royalty of each principality are granted the right to give Awards of Arms to their subjects, and to give a Patent of Arms and the title Viscount/ess to those who have served the principality as sovereign or consort for a full reign. They may also, with the permission of the Crown, award Leaves of Achievement (kingdom arts/service awards) to those subjects they find deserving. The Crown must declare if it intends to grant this permission at the start of each reign; it usually does.

Arms of the Mists
The Principality of the Mists
was created in A.S. XIV. The arms of the principality are Argent, a crown within a laurel wreath vert, all within a bordure engrailed azure.

The principality awards include:

Corollae Nebularum ("Little Crowns of the Mists"): the Corolla Aulica (CA) is given for service to the principality, the Corolla Muralis (CM) is given for leadership and achievement in war, and the Corolla Vitaea (CV) is given for achievement in the arts and sciences. The tokens are pendants of a coronet within an engrailed bordure (either cast in pewter or cut from brass) hung from a white, green, or blue ribbon, respectively. The initials "CN" signify receipt of all three Corollae.

Princess' Order of Grace (POG): given by the princess to those who display great courtesy and chivalry. The token is a cutwork medallion, with an engrailed border, a pearl hanging from the top, and a small coronet in the base.

Order of the Princess' Favor: given to those who have been helpful to the princess during her reign. The token varies by princess.

Order of the Dames de la Mer: given to those who have served as princess of the Mists. Members shall be "henceforth as they have been hitherto models of honor and grace to all." The token is a single pearl.

Order of the Pegasus (PEG): given to youths whose behavior and service are exemplary. The token is a pendant of Pegasus.

Order of the Golden Branch (OGB): given to past Bards of the Mists. The token is a piercework pendant of the order's badge: A branch palewise hung with bells, within a bordure engrailed.

Order of the Period Encampment: awarded at the end of a reign to an individual or household who made a great effort to present an encampment with a medieval atmosphere. The token, a pennon of Argent, a pavilion vert within a bordure engrailed azure, may be displayed by the recipient during the following reign.

Order of the Armure Epatant: given to those melee and missile fighters for exemplary appearance on the field. Candidates for the order must have done a significant portion of the research and/or construction of their armor, garments, and accessories themselves. Members of the order are charged with maintaining their appearance and encouraging others to follow their example. The token is a golden garter, to be worn as the member sees fit.

Order of the Silver Ivy: given to those who have served as Champion of the Mists (runner-up in the coronet tourney) and Champion's Consort. The tokens are a nesting set of pendants, of an ivy leaf.

Order of the Torse of Honor: given to a non-belted fighter who has shown great courtesy, chivalry and honor. The token is a torse of blue, white and gold. This honor may be given only once per reign, usually after the coronet tournament.

Princess' Escort: this honor, modeled on the West Kingdom's Queen's Guard, is offered to unbelted fighters who show much promise. The members wear blue leather baldrics with the principality's device on the buckle tab. A Knight Counselor is usually named to guide and teach the escort.

Silver Spoon: this is not a principality award, but rather, recognition of the winners of the principality cooking competitions, usually held at coronet tournaments and investitures. The winner receives a small silver spoon. This can be won multiple times.

Arms of Cynagua
The Principality of Cynagua
was created in A.S. XIV. The principality arms are Quarterly argent and Or, a swan rousant, wings elevated and addorsed, sable, maintaining in its sinister foot a laurel wreath vert.

The victor and consort of the Coronet tournament bear the titles of Lord of the Swan and Lady of the Swan until their Investiture.

The principality awards include:

The Ruxton: the premier service award; it conveys an Award of Arms. Since it is meant to honor those who have given of their time without thought of personal glory or gain, there is no token, but a numbered list of the recipients is kept.

Scutiferus Cynaguae (Shieldbearer of Cynagua): given for exceptional service. The token is a small bronze shield suspended from a black ribbons.

Order of the Maeros Ftero Cynagua: given for achievement in the arts and sciences, performed within or for the benefit of the Principality. The token is a black feather.

Cynaguan Order of Grace: the premier courtesy award, given by the Princess to no more than two people per reign. The token is a small crystal hung from a golden letter "C".

Order of La Cortesia: given for consistant courtesy and friendliness, and grace and forbearance in times of stress as well as in times of peace. The token is a crystal snowflake hung from a white ribbon.

Order of the Friendly Castle: given for hospitality. The token is a swan above a heraldic "Friendly Castle": a two-towered castle with its gate raised.

The above two orders are "advisory" orders; new nominees are selected by consensus of the members and the royalty.

Hearthstone: given to those who exhibit medieval encampments. The token is a piece of landscape jasper within a silver setting.

Cambium: given to those who maintain a well-developed persona. Members are nominated by one or more Cynaguan peers. The token is a small wooden heart hung from a yellow ribbon.

Cygnet: given to members of the realm under the age of sixteen who have contributed to the principality. The token is a black wooden swan hung from a black ribbon.

Cynaguan Medal of Honor: given to fighters who have demonstrated valor, bravery, and skill in times of war. The token is a metal swan suspended from green and red ribbons.

Torse Cynagua: given to a fighter who has shown particular courtesy, chivalry and/or valor in the Coronet lists. This award is given at the conclusion of Coronet tourney and may be given only once per reign. The badge for this award shall be a torse of white, black, and gold ribbons.

Order of the Gilded Swan: given to honor those fighters who have added to the pageantry on the field of honor by the display of period armor. The badge for the order is a bronze pendant of a helm with torse and mantling in the form of a swan. No more than two new members may be admitted per reign.

Gladis Aquilus: given to those who have demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in all aspects of Rapier. The token for this order is a gold-toned triangular pendant, embossed with a black rapier pointing upwards.

Argenteum Solae: given to those who have contributed their time, efforts and knowledge to the promotion and enrichment of the Equestrian Arts in the principality. The token for this award is a small silver horseshoe, suspended on a sable ribbon.

Quill: given to honor scribes who have contributed through their support of time and expertise to the promotion and enrichment of the scribal arts. The tokens for this award are: for five scrolls and/or official documents, a bronze feather; for ten completed scrolls and/or official documents, a silver feather; for twenty completed scrolls and/or official documents, a gold feather.

Den Grimme Aeling: given, to people that do not reside in the Principality, for support and effort given to the principality. The token for this award is a late hatching egg, upon a silver coin, suspended from a sable ribbon.

Order of the Black Swan: given to the runners-up of coronet tournaments. The token, a triangular silver pendant marked with a silver swan holding a sword, is passed down to the newest member of the order. Each member also receives a smaller version of the token to keep.

Order of the Swan's Heart: given to the consort of the Black Swan. The token is a stone of rose quartz in the shape of a heart hung from a white ribbon.

Order of the Crystal Swan: given to past princesses of Cynagua. The order's token is a crystal swan.

Order of the Winged Harp: given to former Bards of Cynagua upon their retirement. The token is a medallion of a harp with wings. The wings are "down", to differentiate the medallion from that of the Bard of Cynagua, where the wings are up.

Princess' Token: given to those who helped the princess during her reign. The token is usually the princess' initials or a a charge from her arms.

Copper Spoon: like the Mists' Silver Spoon, this recognizes the winners of the principality cooking competitions, usually held at the coronet tournaments and investitures. The winner receives a small copper spoon. This can be won multiple times.

Cynaguan Guard: similar to the Mists' Princess' Escort.

Roll of Captains: a prince and princess may honor the captain of their guard by ordering his/her name inscribed on this roll.

Lord Defender of Cynagua: A tournament may be held once a year to determine the holder of this title. The purpose is to have a defender in case the Prince/ess is not able to do so. The list is restricted to unbelted fighters.

Escort for the Lady of the Swan: The Lady of the Swan may honor the Cynaguan Ladies of the Rose and Members of the Order of the Crystal Swan by requesting their escort at Her Investiture. When such an escort is planned, it will be the right of the highest-ranking ladies first, to accept or decline, There is no limit to the number of escorts the Lady of the Swan may have, provided the Ladies currently reside within the principality.

Standard Bearer of Cynagua: Their Highnesses may honor a fighter residing within the Principality by naming that person as the Principality Standard Bearer for that reign. Those so honored may be awarded a token of a banner, suspended from a ribbon of black and yellow.


Arms of Oertha
Oertha (Alaska), originally known as the Region of the North,
became a Crown Principality in A.S. XVII, and was elevated to full principality status in A.S. XIX. The arms of the principality are Azure, a wolf sejant, head erect, between in chief two compass stars and on a base argent, a laurel wreath vert.

The principality awards include:

Order of the Diamond Willow: given for service. The token is a diamond pendant carved from diamond willow.

Order of the Snowy Owl: given for excellence in the arts. The token is a blue glass pendant etched with a white owl's feather, or, a cast silver owl in flight.

Oerthan Order of Grace: given for outstanding courtesy, chivalry, honor and grace. The badge of the order is . Quarterly argent and Or, a snowflake azure. The token is usually a pendant of a snowflake.

Order of the Silver Ulu: given to outstanding cooks. The token is a small silver ulu hung from a ribbon. (An ulu is a curved blade, shaped like a very wide "U" with a central handle, used by native Alaskan tribes for food preparation.)

Order of the Princess' Riband: given for exceptional service to the princess. The token is a ribbon of the princess' personal colors, or other tokens as determined by the princess.

Order of the Ivory Thimble: given to the winners of principality needlework contests. The token is an ivory thimble. The order's badge is: Azure, two needles in saltire surmounted by a third palewise, eyes to chief Or, between in cross four thimbles, domes to center, argent, all within a bordure Or.

Companions of the Oerthan Sword: given for prowess in combat and chivalrous conduct. The token is a leather-mounted sword ring, decorated with a seated wolf-at-bay.

Order of the Raven's Heart: given to recognize service and courteous acts by the youths of the Principality.

Order of the Polaris: given to those who foster tradition and teach the customs and ways of the Society to the populace. The token is a sphere of interlocking pearls suspended on a blue silk ribbon.

Princess' Escort: individuals of skill and talent, selected to serve the princess during her reign. Those honored are usually, but not necessarily, fighters.

Holders of the Heart: past consorts of Oertha, and Ladies of the Snow (those who served as consort while Oertha was a crown principality). The token of this companionship is a small heart pendant (usually of carved wood).

Lord and Lady Guardian: titles of the runners-up of the recent coronet lists. There is a coronet and a baldric for each.

Princess' Champion: the Princess may choose a champion, either by tournament or by personal selection, to defend Her honor and come to Her aid should it be within his/her power.

Ladies of the Chamber: those ladies chosen to attend the princess at court and events, and those who can offer counsel and advice as needed.

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This column was compiled from The West Kingdom Herald's Handbook, by Master Hirsch von Henford (OL, OP), Contessa Juana Isabella Montoya y Ramirez (OL), and Duke Frederick of Holland (MSCA, OP). Additional information was provided by Mistress Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (OL, OP), Lord Decion ap Dyfrwr Trefriw (former Crux Australis Herald), Viscountess Krysta of Starfall, Siobhan ni hEodhusa, and the West Kingdom Awards List. The principality arms graphics were created by Evaine ni MacGreger.

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale (OP, Court Baroness, GoA, OSC, OM, OBT, QC, Terpsichore) is from the fifteenth-century Italian court, where she is studying the dance (including those peculiar ones from France and England). She resides in the East Kingdom. Marla Lecin ( invites anyone with updates or corrections to this article to contact her.