I n order to encourage elegance and grace in dining among the people of this Kingdom, I, Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr, hereby establish

The Order of the Portable Feast

to be presented, at the Crown Tournaments, Coronation Festivals, and Twelfth Night Celebrations, to that person who there sets forth the best arrayed table for themselves, their households, or the Kingdom. The tables shall be judged both on the quality of the food and on the style of the setting.

T he holder of the order shall maintain the footed bowl, symbol of this order, and this scroll, which is its statute, and shall affix their name thereto.

T he current holder, at the next event where this award shall be given, shall decide of his or her own opinion who, save themselves, shall be the next recipient of the order, and shall present it to them that day. If they are unable to attend said event, then shall they deliver this scroll and the footed bowl to some trusted person who shall act in their stead.

D one by my hand and first presented at Crown Tournament, 29 May, XI A.S.

Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr, OLM, OU, OS

Gwendylon of Arnfell

Geóffrye Thomas Pagét of Cam

Adrienne of Huntington and House of the Blue Diamonds

Maelduine Dragonstooth

(runes approx.) MB~7F   I, Salazar y Perez, did not receive this award

Bohemund von Greifshafen

Moira Maureen ua Saemus, Lady Green Hills,
Vuong Manh, Mandarin of the Second Class

Frederick of Holland, Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr & Guests

Anne of Hatfield

Alric Bowbreaker of the High March

Roderic of Basing, Gwendolyn of Basing

Fenris of Twycross

Chateau Moose

Arastorm the Golden

Raimund of the Strait, Angharad of the Sleeping Lion, Amanda Elandris o.t.c., Barak Elandris Hamilcar

Hélene du Vent, Peter Raventree

Strybjorg Ulfedhnar [? - written in runes]

The Paladins of Pegasus
Melissa of Misty Mere C.M., Robin van der Zee, Gabrielle Gryffith, Robert of Battenborough, Gordonius Gridelli, Anne Etheridge

The Canton of Hindscroft
Liusaidh an Caraid, Celia Pernegarde, Ciaran of Kells

The Shire of Collegium Montium - House von Wertenberg
Beatrix von Wertenberg, Hagen Silverskull, Yamamoto Sugitori, Sigrid Wolfgarrsdatter, Titania von Wertenberg, Jonathon the Younger, Obren Strole, Legolas Falworth, Gregory von Grosswald

Harrowgate Hall
Teragram of Carker CM, Giceline de Molay AoA, Cormac mac Eamon, Connell

Shire of Nem-Ra-Nog
Tyrac, Vykor, Francesca, Arowyn

At this point, the bowl and scroll were lost for many years in Atlantia when it became a separate kingdom.
They were found and reinstated at:

12th Night AS XXIV
House Wilmot

Coronation, April AS XXIV
Meadow House et al., Settmour Swamp off-board
Beccán macFerganamm, Tamsin Averil, Helen of Dianasgrove, Persephone de la Mer, Ceara MacKieran, Trevyn Avery, Elspeth, G. Alexander MacGregor, Merlynia

Crown Tournament May AS XXV
Jehan le Batarde, Ygraine of Preston, Marion of Preston, Rebecca of Preston

Coronation of Rhys & Elaina Oct, A.S. XXV
Lady Elspeth Starwatcher, Lady Gen Ruadh, Lady Eleri of Nefyn, Lord G. Emerson True

Shire of Port Oasis
Lady Eliabeth Mills, Gisella von Salzburg, Sven Tursson, Lord Den Hornblower, Fenris Wulf, Lord Guido Martini, Vlad Krieghurt, Uther Mandrake, Llewellyn ap Poump, Elizabeth O'Hart, Jasper of Spalding, Conall MacLir

Twelfth Night A.S. XXV
House Wilmot
Duke Ronald Wilmot, Duchess Bronwyn Dawntreader, Baron Mitchell MacBain, Baroness Jessa d'Avondale, Lord Bartek der Ruhiger, Lady Nivashi the Gypsy, et al.

Coronation of Randal & Katherine - April VI, AS XXV at the Province of Mountain Freehold.
Olde Used Household - Table Two
Countess Tamera Fitzglouster of the White Boar, Viscounte Master Sir Cai de Leon, Baroness Arienhwyfar Pell, Lord Jonathan Blaecstan, Baron Æll Æthelwita, Lady Elspeth y Gwelyddes, Lady Brianna Yseulte Wynman, Haleric Poleskowna, Chagtau Kovar the Black, Lady Ursel Fredrika Kalweit

May AS XXVI Crown Tournament
House Batarde
Jehan le Batarde, Ygraine of Preston, Marion of Preston, Rebecca of Preston Uther Shieldbreaker, Catriona nic Dhuibh, Otton von Mergenthal, Lucia, Gilchrist Blackmoore, Bianca Rosa del Sol

Coronation of Balfar & Luna - October A.S. XXVI
The Canton of the Whyt Whey & friends
Mistress Aleksandra de Accipitre, Lady Morwynna Cryw, Lord Robin Argyll du Coeur Ailé, John Littleton, Aurelia Franz von Neurnberg, Susan Bondurant, Lord Erling Herjolfsson, Lord Amalric Blackhart, Benjamin, Cottontail Skullcrusher, Damien, Lady Winifred de Schyppenwallebotham, Lord Ottar Eriksson, Lady Gwyneth Greenecliff de la Brunefalise

Twelfth Night AS XXVI
Domus de Londres et Amici
Sean de Londres, Suzanne Nueber de Londres, Cornelia de Londres, Stephan the Salacious, Richard Blackmore, Nova the Widow, Ansitruda Helgasdottir

Coronation of Ruslan and Margaret, 4 April XXVI A.S.
House Conchoille
Lord Conall MacLachlann, Lady Sybella Paganini, Lady Maria Pieknaputno, Lady Aelfwynn of Wulfden, Daniel Pouches Lightfoot, Lady Edain de Ourgh

Once again, the scroll and bowl were lost for a time. Former holders of the Order helped to locate the items and reinstate the award.

Shauna Branwen

Haraldr Bassi, Oksana Goncharova, Herekr Haraldsson, Gytha Haraldsdotir

Crown Tournament November AS 30
House Wilmot
Duke Ronald Wilmot, Duchess Bronwyn Dawntreader, Sir Mitchell MacBain, Baroness Jessa d'Avondale, Sir Gunther Pathwarden, Lady Alexandra Alexeeva, Master Elric of Erewhon, Mistress Bronwen Mwrheyd, Lord Andre, Keith, Lady Adriana Calabrese

Twelfth Night - Ostgardr (?)
presented to ?

Yet again, the scroll and bowl were misplaced.
Although the originals were unavailable, Queen Jana reinstituted the presentation of the honor:

Crown Tournament 3 November AS 36
Phoenix Consort

Twelfth Night 5 January AS 36
The Silver Horde

Coronation of Darius & Roxane 6 April AS 36

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