(From an article published in Tournaments Illuminated #122, Spring 1997;
last updated September 15, 2003)

Etcetera - The Kingdom of Drachenwald

by Mistress Jessa d'Avondale

Drachenwald, originally known as the "Protectorate of Thairis," began as a region of the East Kingdom in A.S. XIII, and was created a principality of the East in A.S. XV. In A.S. XXVIII, it became the thirteenth kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The arms of the kingdom are Or, in fess three pine trees eradicated gules, overall a dragon passant coward, all within a laurel wreath, in chief an ancient crown sable.

Patents of Arms

Patents of Arms may be awarded to kings and queens when they descend the thrones, if they do not already have them. The Crown Prince and Princess poll all patent-holding Royal Peers living in the kingdom to determine whether the departing royalty meet Corpora standards for patents.

Grants of Arms

Grants of Arms may be given at the royalty's discretion, to those members of the populace they deem worthy. The following order also conveys a Grant of Arms:

Order of the Dragon's Steel: given to those who have displayed superior abilities with the foil, epee, or schlager, who exemplify courtesy, chivalry, dedicated patronage to the arts and sciences, and who show continual service to local branches and the kingdom. Members of the Order are charged with instructing and monitoring training of all light weapons fighters. The Crown must consult with the order before creating a new member.

Awards of Arms

The following awards convey Awards of Arms:

Orden des Lindquistringes: given for long and extraordinary service to the kingdom. The order's badge is: A ring formed of a wingless dragon in annulo widdershins Or, maintaining in chief with all four legs and mouth a gem gules. The award was established to honor a former member of the Principality/Protectorate, Fahrquar Finley Fahrquarson (John Lindquist).

Order of the Panache: given to those who have shown long and consistent excellence in the arts and made their expertise available to others. The order's badge is: Issuant to chief from a torteau charged with a bezant pierced sable three feathers gules, Or, and sable.

Order of the Silver Guard: given for chivalry and prowess at arms. The order's badge is: A silver wristguard engraved with a dragon passant coward, wings addorsed, maintaining in dexter forepaw a sword erect.

Order of the Edelweiss (formerly "Marguerite"): this order, now closed, was given to former consorts of the principality. The order's badge is: An Edelweiss Or, seeded gules, within and conjoined to an annulet sable. Companions are styled Lord or Lady of the Edelweiss.

Order of the Rose: given to former consorts of Drachenwald at the end of their first reign. Companions of this Order may be styled as Lord or Lady of the Rose. [NB: although kingdom law notes that this award conveys an Award of Arms, a Patent of Arms awarded with county or ducal rank would make awarding the AoA unnecessary.]

The following awards do not convey arms:

Popular Company of Sojourners (PCS): given to those departing the kingdom, who have contributed to Drachenwald. Members of the Company may wear its badge, Barry wavy argent and azure, two flaunches vert, in whatever manner they deem appropriate. [This award dates back to the days of the Protectorate, consisting entirely of military personnel, their dependants and DoD civilians, who were often reassigned under a "PCS" (Permanent Change of Station).]

King's Order of Albion: given by the King, for exemplary chivalry, courtesy, or service. The companions have the right to display the regalia of the order: a black dragon's claw. It is recomended that the King present this award no more than once per reign.

Queen's Order of Courtesy: presented by the Queen for exemplary chivalry, courtesy, or service to the people of all ranks in the Kingdom and in the Society at Large. The Queen may call upon the members to assist her with their aid or advice in encouraging courteous behavior, whenever she may deem this necessary. The token of the order is an Edelweiss with a red center, worn on a pin or silver chain.

Sigillum Coronae: given by the King and Queen, either singly or jointly, to those who have been of great service to either or both of them during the reign. The token of the award when given by the Queen is a white Edelweiss charged with her initials. The token of the award when given by the King is a black dragon's head charged with his initials. The token of the joint award is a white Edelweiss surmounted by a black dragon's head, bearing the initials of the Crown. It is recommended that each Sovereign and Consort present this award no more than three times per reign. Joint awards count as one each.

Order of the Dragon's Tear: given to the autocrat(s) of an extraordinarily successful event. The badge of the order is (Fieldless) on a goutte per pale Or and gules a dragon passant coward sable. . This award may be received more than once, and recipients may be styled as "Holder of the Dragon's Tear" or "Holder of the Dragon's Tears."

Order of the Dragon's Bowle: given to those who have displayed notable attention to authenticity. The badge of the order is (Fieldless) a dragon passant coward sable charged with a bowl per pale Or and gules.

Order of the Dragon's Jewel: given to children (under 12 years of age) who have distinguished themselves through exemplary behavior and service. The token of the award is a crystal jewel (other than black) suspended from a red, black, and gold ribbon or cord.

Order of the Dragon's Pride: given to children (under 12 years of age) who have distinguished themselves through exemplary work in the arts and sciences.

Order of the Hospitallers of Albion: this award is given to people who reside outside of the kingdom (or to groups based outside of the kingdom) who have shown unselfish service to the Crown of Drachenwald during Their travels to events outside the Kingdom. The badge of this award is (Fieldless) On a dragon passant coward sable a wake knot argent.

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This column was compiled from Drachenwald Law, and information supplied by Herra Pietari Pentinpoika Uv, Schwarzdrachen Herald.

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale (OP, Court Baroness, GoA, OSC, OM, OBT, QC, Terpsichore) is from the fifteenth-century Italian court, where she is studying the dance (including those peculiar ones from France and England). She resides in the East Kingdom. Marla Lecin (mlecin@optonline.net) invites anyone with updates or corrections to this article to contact her.