Appendix II: A Few Sources for Dance Music

The entries below were culled from compilations made by two of the contributors to this discography - LH and JPD. As with the discography entries, the original information was edited considerably, and any resulting loss of information and usefulness is solely the responsibility of the editors.


Boulder Early Music Shop

2010 14th Street, Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 499-1301 (they've been very nice over the phone even when I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for!) (


CDSS (Country Dance and Song Society)

17 New South Street, Northampton, MA 01060. Phone (413)584 9913. Fax (413)585 8728. Email


DBL (Dance Books Limited)

15 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ.

Telephone no. 0171 836 2314; fax 0171 497 0473; email Primarily a bookstore: has several facsimile editions of primary sources, and various secondary sources. In addition to this, they carry some tapes which are companions to dance instruction books. They carry most of the things from Nonsuch, DHDS, and Cruickshank, but charge a little more for them (50p to L2 each, depending on the item). You can order by phone using Visa or American Express; they charge a postage and handling fee of 20% of your total order for surface mail to the U.S.


DHDS (Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society)

Secretary: Diana Cruickshank, Hunter's Moon, Orcheston, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 4RP. Payments must be in L Sterling. (If you are also ordering items from Diana Cruickshank as an individual, you can make out one money order directly to her for all the items, and she can transfer the necessary money to the DHDS account.)


Elderly Instruments

1100 N. Washington, P.O. Box 14249, Lansing, MI 48901; credit card orders (517) 372-7890; fax (517) 372-5155 (


NED (Nonsuch: Early Dance)

by Peggy Dixon., 16 Brook Dr. London, SE11 4TT Phone: 071 735 8353. Prices valid as of August 1993; postage charges will be invoiced. Payments required to be in L sterling.


Past Times

280 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210-1182; (800) 621-6020 (based in England). This is a very dangerous catalog (lock up your credit cards!) and its focus is definitely not music BUT they do carry a lot of recordings that correspond to the various historical periods they feature. Their recordings are not cheap and oftentimes they are simply more expensive reissues of CDs that are out under a different label and title.


PRMS (Public Radio Music Source)

1 800 75-MUSIC Several of the import label CD's listed here can be ordered by calling this number. You can pay using your credit card, a portion of the profits go to your favorite public radio station, and the music appears on your doorstep in a couple weeks.


Sylvia Woods Harp Center

P.O. Box 816, Montrose, CA 91021-0816 (818) 249-0325; (800) 272-HARP (They're very nice and ship incredibly fast)


Wail Songs

P.O. Box 29888, Oakland, CA 94604; (510) 763-6415 (they may have combined with another business -- see them at SF Cons and Filk Conventions).