Renaissance Dance Discography

This discography is the work of many hands. Its starting points were a discography compiled by Janelyn of Fenmere and Trahaearn ap Ieuan, and the Rendance Discography (at compiled by Miklos Sandorfia. It was greatly extended by entries and annotations submitted by other dancers, listed below. Isaac de Hugo and Rosina del Bosco Chiaro gave particularly generously of their time and knowledge.

This edition of the discography was also produced from Andrew Draskoy's on line rendance bibliography.



This discography lists tapes and CDs in alphabetical order by title. (It would have been nice to be able to sort them by topic, but the available offerings don't tend to fall into neat categories.) In consideration of the probable readership, the alphabetization is exceedingly Anglocentric: Leading a's and the's are ignored, but non-English words such as 'le', 'il', 'la', etc., are not. There has also been a general tendency to drop accents and diacrytical marks from non-English titles.



We were unable to develop a format that gave adequate credit to contributors without being too intrusive. In the end, we did not note who contributed which discography entries or parts thereof. We have, however, tried to identify the writers of comments and annotations, as different reviewers will tend to have different interests and biases. They are identified thus:

  • AB: Andrew Vorder Bruegge (Isaac de Hugo)

  • AD: Andrew Draskoy (Miklos Sandorfia)

  • AH: Anna Haynes (Luanmaise nic Ailithir)

  • AT: Allan Terry

  • DE: Del Elson (Delbert von Strassburg)

  • DH: Dominic Hunter (Wolfgang Adolphus Jager)

  • DZ: Dani Zweig (Dani of the Seven Wells)

  • IE: Ian Engle (Sion Andreas)

  • JPD: Janelle and Peter Durham (Janelyn and Trahaearn)

  • LH: Lina Lee Hill (Eden McNab Sommerhawke)

  • LL: Lizbeth Langston (Lizbeth Ravensholm)

  • MD: Michael Daether

  • MH: Monica Hultin (Monika z Gniezo)

  • MR: Mary Railing (Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa)

  • MW: Mark Waks (Justin de Coeur)

  • QM: Quentin Miller

  • VS: Vivian Stephens (Rosina del Bosco Chiaro)


Some entries have been trimmed by the editors and yet others, of less general interest, have been reduced to brief listings in an appendix to this discography. For any distortion or loss of usefulness that results, credit must be reserved to the editors. Two of the contributors used four-point scales to rate tapes and CDs on aesthetics (from * - ugly - to **** - a rare pleasure) and on usability (with lower-rated music being hard to dance to due to poor tempi, wrong numbers of repeats, poor fit to the choreography, etc.) Due to space limitations, we haven't included their fairly specific definitions of what each meant by one star, two stars, etc. Here too, we can only apologize for the loss in information content. A final caveat: Prices given for some tapes. They were current when obtained, but you might want to make sure of them before ordering.

This compilation originally appeared in three parts, in issues 22, 23, and 24 of the Letter of Dance. There are some minor differences in this version - e.g., entries which appeared out of order in the three-part version now appear in their proper places. Also, the brief entries in appendix I were - because of space constraints - even briefer in the original publication.