Section I.D -- Fifteenth Century Spanish Sources


Cervera Ms

Cervera Ms. Untitled, undated (c. 1496) pair of paper sheets preserved in a notarial manual in Cervera, Archivo Historico (fonds notarial 3,3). Facsimile in volume edited by F. Carreras y Candi. Folklore y Costumbres de Espana. 2nd ed. (Barcelona: 1934), vol. I, p. vii; vol. II, p. 303.


This source is two sheets of what appear to be choreographic notations for basse dances. It is of interest primarily because it uses a curious notation to set down the choreographies. The style of the dances is more similar to the Burgundian dances of about the same period than it is to the Italian bassadanza and balli. The sheets do not include music, although some of the titles of the dances correspond to music which is found in other sources.