Section II.E -- Sixteenth Century German Sources


Michael Pretorius

Michael Pretorius. Terpsichore (Wolfenbuttel: 1612). Reprinted by LaNove Davenport (New York: Associated Music Publishers, 1969).


Like Morley's work above, this is primarily a work concerning music, not dance. However, it is music for dancing and includes some notes which are of interest.


Michael Pretorius. Syntagma Musicum (Wolfenbuttel: 1619). Facsimile reprint by Nachdruck hrsg. von W. Gurlitt (Kassel, Barenreiter: 1958-59).


This volume is similar to Terpsichore, but treats musical theory more than specific musical pieces. Like the others, it is useful mostly as supporting evidence for steps and dancing practices, rather than as a source for specific choreographies.