Bransle of Brittany (Trihory)


This bransle is mentioned in passing in Orchesography, being a bransle that Arbeau learned when he was a student at Poitiers.


Part I

DL Spring Left, landing on both feet.


Part II



The dance repeats from this point.

Arbeau states that "at the end of the trihory" the steps KR KL KR are done differently. Standing on the tips of your toes, swing your heels to the right, then to the left, and then swing to the right again at the same time raising your right foot. The music is the same whether the theme is done as a set of jumps or swings.

It would be open to interpretation as to whether these steps would be done only at the end of the dance, or at the end of each second repeat (being the end of the sequence of music that Arbeau has provided). Having tried the dance only briefly, I would believe that the alternate steps would work better if they were done at the end of each second repeat as there are no clues in the music as to where the end of the dance is.