The Official Bransle


The official bransle (Bransle de l'Official, officers’ bransle) is probably the most common dance in my part of the SCA, and one of the most popular.

The dance is a circle dance for as many couples as will. The man stands to the left of the lady.


Part I



Part II


KL KR KL (feet together)

At the end of this sequence, partners turn towards each other slightly, the lady turning to face the man. The lady leaps across the front of the man, assisted in her leap by the man who should guide her with his hands on her waist.


The entire dance repeats.2


1Arbeau gives these steps as doubles with small hops in between each step. The dance that is done throughout Lochac does not include the hops, although some dancers ornament the steps slightly with kicks at the end of each double. The singles should be hopped as well – however be careful to put a single hop at the end of each step of the singles, rather than bouncing around madly on one leg as I have seen some people do this. If your tendency is to bounce, then you’re probably better off leaving the hops out all together.

2Which way you do this depends on how your musicians play the tune.