Two Basic Bransles: Bransle Double and Bransle Single


These bransles can be done in a line or in a circle. Partners or alternating genders are not required.


Bransle double

DL, DR, DL, DR, ...

The dance repeats to the end of the music.


Bransle single (Bransle simple)

DL, SR, DL, SR, ...

The dance repeats to the end of the music.


These two dances are extremely basic, and are therefore not taught or danced much. They do in fact form part of a basic set of bransles, and are good warm up dances.

Either of the above two dances (or both of them) can be turned into a knot bransle. In a knot bransle, the dancers form a line. The dancer at the head of the line leads the other dancers around the hall, weaving around the hall and in and out of the line itself. This can cause the line of dance to get knotted around itself, which can take some straightening out. Dancers should try not to let the line break at any point, which can get harder and harder as the line gets more knotted.