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Washerwomens Bransle (Branle des Lauandieres)

Source: Arbeau.

Setting: A line or circle of dancers

Version: 1.0


A:  1- 4  Double left, double right.
    5- 8  Repeat 1-4.

B:  9-10  Face partner, single left, right, men shake fingers.
   11-12  Repeat with women shaking fingers.

C: 13-14  Face in, double left, clapping hands,
   15-16  double right,
   17-18  double left, clapping hands,
   19-20  individually turn around to left using 4 kicks.


This is a mimed bransle. Arbeau says (Evans/Sutton translation):

``... is thus designated because by clapping their hands the dancers make a noise like the women beating the washing on the banks of the Seine.''

Arbeau specifies the finger shaking in the tabulation. When one gender is shaking their fingers at the other, the other gender should place their hands on their hips.