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Quadran Pavane

Source: Inns of Court manuscripts, LoD v2.

Setting: A processional line of couples.

Version: 1.0

 1- 2  Single to the left side, single to the right side,
 3- 4   double left forwards,

 5- 6  Single to the right side, Single to the left side,
 7- 8   double right backwards.

Repeat a total of 4 times.


Two singles syde, a double foreward, ij Singles
syde & a double backe .4. tymes./honour./

Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 280 (c. 1605/6), as transcribed by Wilson


This dance is perhaps most famous in its embellished form, the Earl of Salisbury Pavane, which was written by Mabel Dolmetsch.

The various Inns of Court documents give conflicting and yet imprecise instructions as to what is done where. Various people have attempted to make the dance interesting by interpretations such as doing two repetitions towards the head of the hall, and then dancing the last two repetitions passing around their partners, essentially doing a do-si-do.