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Montarde Bransle (Branle de la Montarde)

Source: Arbeau.

Setting: A line of 4 (or 6) dancers.

Version: 1.1

A:  1- 8  Take 4 left doubles, following the leader around the room.

B:  9-10  First person turns in place with 4 kicks,
   11-16  Second does likewise, and so on (assumes 4 dancers)

A:  1- 8  Take 4 left doubles, while the first dancer weaves (in front of the
          second dancer, in front of the third, etc) to the end of the line.

Repeat kick (9-16) and weave (1-8) until each dancer has gotten to weave. The dance ends with part A.


Arbeau lists this as one of the miming bransles, with the appropriate step being ``little springs.'' Note that the Arianna arrangement of the music assumes an even number of dancers.